A 5:30 AM start this morning. Jamie had training and had to be on the ice at 7am.

Afterwards we got lost in a genuine western horsey store in Cloverdale for an hour or so.

We are now in the old Cloverdale town which has a genuine western feel to it. We are at a restaurant called The Vault having steelhead salmon and fries. If you ask for chips, you’ll get crisps! steelhead salmon is actually a rainbow trout and it is delicious.

I’m having a locally brewed craft porter while Jamie is trying to buy a replica revolver online. How the hell will I get that thing into Ireland?

It sounds like we are truly living the life over here, but there are moments when I am wondering what on earth am I doing.

But, yeah! We are living the life!

There is a real horsey feel to this place, even though it is now part of a larger metropolis.

The Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair is an annual event.

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